PowerShrink Server

Save loads of Disk Space on your server by compressing your Microsoft Office, PDF and Image Data with PowerShrink Server.

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Key Features:

  • Compresses Microsoft Office files on your server up to 90%
  • Compresses PDF files on your server up to 90%
  • Quality compression of images (JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP,  EMF and PNG)
  • Keeping original file formats and functionality - no unzipping necessary
  • All Microsoft Office files supported
  • Fast optimization using all processors on server
  • Reduce network traffic and costs for data transfer
  • Reduce time on backup and storage servers such as backup volume
  • Search your server for optimization potential and economic savings. Preview the amount of Office, PDF and image files and how much data can be compressed!
  • Create optimization profiles to compress data and file servers for best results
  • Automatically Perform optimization processes any time of the day
  • Positive ROI due to saving storage cost and data traffic reductions.


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